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Cosmetic Dentistry

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A Flawless Smile Does Not Have to Be a Dream!

When you look in the mirror and smile what do you see? Do you see embarrassing yellowed, crooked, gapped, missing teeth, chipped teeth or uneven gummy smile that leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed with your appearance? or perhaps, you see an ugly and toxic silver mercury amalgam fillings or visible metal on your dental restoration?

As we all know, we live in a world where an attractive smile can have a tremendous positive impact on your life. You don’t have to live with either an unattractive smile or old and ugly dental restoration. With many innovations in the field of advanced cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Horiyat can rejuvenate your smile and give you a new, youthful, and healthy smile. 

a legacy in PERFECTION

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a renowned cosmetic and holistic dentist in Orange County. Her state-of-the-art dental office combines life-changing cosmetic dentistry with a luxury experience. Patients receive personalized care while enjoying a VIP level of attention and privacy. 

Dr. Horiyat’s holistic and biological approaches to dentistry marry form and function of the face to the shape, size, color of the teeth. Dr. Horiyat’s personal mission is to craft a beautiful smile that enhances your quality of life and helps you achieve your professional goals.


Cosmetic Dentistry is composed of a variety of treatment options to not only beautify the smile but also restore the function of your teeth. Chipped, missing, or crooked teeth can disform your entire smile, your bite, and ultimately disfigure your face overtime as your muscles adjust and overcompensate for the teeth that don’t function properly. 

Dr. Horiyat performs dental procedures that correct the spacing, size, color, or shape of your teeth. Her goal is to have a smile that is well proportioned, symmetrical, functional, and vibrant. 

Digital Smile Design

Sedation Options Metal-Free & Biocompatible Laser Dentistry Painless Digital Injection


We have an array of procedures under cosmetic dentistry. These procedures cover every age, giving you the flexibility of choice. You can handily choose the procedure which will best fit your needs!

Porcelain Veneers

We have an array of procedures under cosmetic dentistry. These procedures cover every age, giving you the flexibility of choice. You can handily choose the procedure which will best fit your needs!

Metal-Free Ceramic Implants

Zirconia Ceramic Implants are the healthiest option for replacement of missing teeth. They are ultra-biocompatible and fixed in your jawbone and feel like natural teeth.

Smile Makeover

The Full-mouth reconstruction procedure is a series of procedures to correct cosmetic or structural dental imperfections by rebuilding and restoring every tooth in your jaw with the ultimate goals of creating a beautiful, healthy, and functional smile.

Invisalign® Orthodontics

This innovative and cosmetic technique is virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth and bite at any age by using customized and clear aligners in a precise computer-controlled sequence.

Laser Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring is a simple cosmetic procedure using a laser to remove excess gum tissues to bring harmony your smile by reducing the length of the gums and balancing gum tissues with the shape and size of the upper lip.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional and custom-made whitening treatment such as Philip Zoom whitening is safe and bio-compatible way to fix tooth discoloration and achieve a whiter and brighter smile quickly.

Anti-Aging Dentofacial Lift

A dentofacial lift offer a nonsurgical techniques and treatments designed to promote a beautiful, youthful appearance while improving shape of the face from forehead to chin by optimizing the jaw joints.

Cosmetic Bonding & Contouring

Cosmetic tooth bonding and contouring (enamel reshaping) are safe, quick, painless, and effective fix with natural and healthy-looking outcomes as well as strong and durable results.

LANAP® Bone Regeneration

Periolase LANAP is an FDA-approved and minimally invasive technique to treat infected gum tissues (periodontitis disease) without cutting healthy gum and sutures (stiches) while promoting true regeneration of bone and gum.


Known as “teeth in 1 day, All-on-4 or 6 is an innovative implant supported denture technique that replaces all your upper or lower teeth by just 4 or 6 dental implants and fixed denture.

Pinhole TechniqueTM

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique is breakthrough treatment for gum recession with no incision, no need to take donor tissue from palate. This technique is almost instant cosmetic improvement.


Unlike general dental care, cosmetic dentistry is both an art and science. We make sure that not only your dental problems are fixed. We go the extra mile and give you that ultra-precious smile!

With Aria Dental’s cosmetic dentistry, you don’t need to worry again about missing, chipped, or crooked teeth. By using the latest technology, we can give you a thousand things to smile about!


personalized dental care

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a premier cosmetic, holistic, and biological dentist who is commonly considered ideal choice for patients seeking the finest in cosmetic dentistry treatments. She has completed over 10,000 cosmetic dental treatments successfully, which function and look incredibly beautiful. See for yourself how rewarding dental treatments can be when you choose Dr. Horiyat to enhance and care for your smiles and health.



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