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What Are Permanent Teeth in 1 Day?

A Fixed Full-Arch Restoration with a Minimal Invasive Solution for High Satisfaction of Our Patients

If you are missing most or all your teeth, or suffering from an ill-fitting denture, there is a long-lasting solution known as Teeth in 1 day or All-on-4® dental implants. This special newly innovative technique replaces all your upper or lower teeth by just 4 implants and a fixed denture. This technique is very affordable and cost efficient even if you have inadequate jaw bone. All-on-6 option is also available.

Dr. Maryam Horiyat and our team of American Board-Certified Periodontist or Implant Specialists provide individualized treatment option that are tailored to meet your needs and goals, ensuring the best outcome and long-term success.

Do you want to have a full set of new natural-looking teeth in just 1 day? It seems impossible, but it is true. To learn more about a permanent set of natural-looking teeth at Aria Dental of Mission Viejo and to enjoy beautiful, comfortable, affordable, and functional teeth with just one procedure, call (949) 364-9600 or email Aria Dental for an appointment with top orange county implant dentists at Aria Dental of Mission Viejo.


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27652 Crown Valley Pkwy Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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THE CONCEPT OF All-on-4® Treatment

Maintain optimal oral function and aesthetics with All-on-4®, also known as same-day teeth replacement. Using state-of-the-art technology, All-on-4® treatment replaces traditional dentures, which can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and poorly fitted. All-on-4® turns problematic chewing and speaking into relics of the past.

Using only four dental implants to attach a full dental restoration, your doctor can give you the stable, functional, and cosmetic solution you’ve been looking for. Best of all, you have a set of teeth during procedure and many cases your dentures can be placed on the same day as your implants, so you don’t have to wait to get the restored smile you deserve.

The Benefits of All-on-4®

Are All-on-4® Implants Successful?

Like other implant procedures, All-on-4® technique is successful with the success rate being reported as 98.5%

Why 98% of Patients Would Recommend the Concept of the All-on-4® Treatment


Graduated from the most reputable university in our Nation (UCLA & UCSF), Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a premier cosmetic, biological, conscious, physiological dentist who is one of the certified and accredited members of top nation holistic associations such as International American Oral & Medicine Toxicology (IAOMT), International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM), International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOC), Holistic Dental Association (HDA), American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAOT). Dr. Horiyat and her implantologist are knowns as renowned holistic & cosmetic dentists for patients who are seeking the finest in cosmetic dentistry of All-on-4 treatment to make their oral health functional and comfortable while preserving their overall health.

Fellowship Recipient from Prestigious Academic Organization

Our Experienced Specialists

Together with her experienced American Board Certified anesthesiologist (MD), American Board Certified Oral Surgeon, and implant specialist of who have more than 20 years of experience and outstanding successful results, our implant specialists uses their credentials, advanced training, exceptional experience, meticulous hand skills, treatment methods, and innovative technologies to make our patients safely replace their missing teeth, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function and simply enjoy flawless and healthy results.   

Our Personal Attention

When you select our dentists and specialists for any dental care, including All-on-4, 6, or 8 treatments, you can expect outstanding personalized care at every stage toward your oral and overall health. We use only the most modern and innovative technology and advanced materials to design and create the world’s most beautiful smiles, thus, our patients experience natural-looking, long-lasting results with enhancement in their facial beauty and overall wellness. Our goal is to customize a treatment plan to suit the need of each patient for a smile that is both healthy and uniquely stunning. 

See for yourself how rewarding dental treatments can be when you choose Dr. Horiyat to enhance and care for your smiles and health.


In Orange County

Seek Care for Your Missing Teeth from Leaders in Cosmetic & Implant Specialists & Get the Smile You Always Wanted.

Our Safe & Biocompatible Materials from Highly Reputable Companies

we use only FDA approved implant from highly reputable USA and Switzerland companies such as NobleBioCare®, CeraRoot®, Straumann®, or Z System® implants that have proven clinical success. We create your solid porcelain or zirconia (LAVA 3M) crowns at only high-end and the best local USA laboratories where they customize it from your unique high precision digital tooth impression by iTero Element® (No more gooey impression materials).  We choose only local laboratories who follow America and California standards; we don’t choose an unknown laboratory from other countries with compromised standards.

Our Comfortable Sedation Options

With new oral sedation technology, our DOCS Education certified dentist and anesthesiologist (MD) offer several different sedation and anesthesia methods from mild to moderate to general IV sedation to ensure patients are completely comfortable throughout their dental surgery, including implant placement surgery. Our numerous sedation techniques help you to defeat your fear and anxiety, feel no pain during surgery, finish your procedure quickly and effectively, forget the procedure due to its temporary amnesia effect.


To enhance precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, improve the standard of patients’ care, provide more successful and predictable treatment outcomes, enhance the result of our patients’ experience, we utilize our modern diagnostic tools and many of our virtual planning and computer-generated surgical guides toward our metal-free, non-toxic, and biocompatible zirconia dental implants. 

Some of these tools and techniques are:

Sedation Dentistry

Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF)

Metal-Free Zirconia Implants


LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery

Tooth Extraction

Porcelain Crowns



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